Tufang - Watch Action Blockbuster only on Chaupal

  • Cast : Guri, Rukshar Dhillon, Jagjeet Sandhu, Mahabir Bhullar
  • Director : Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan
  • Writers : Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan, Manila Rattan

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Get ready for Tufang: A Tale of Guns, Suspense, and Redemption


The latest Punjabi movie "Tufang" is now streaming on the Chaupal app. You will be able to watch Tufang exclusively on Chaupal. If you are an action movie lover or you like suspense? Then, you simply can not miss out on this gripping cinematic experience that seamlessly weaves together action, suspense, along with heartfelt emotions. You will also be able to download Tufang and watch it later offline on your Chaupal app.

"Tufang" derives from the Persian term for a long-barrel firing gun, and the movie revolves around using the same only for a good cause. The cast is fresh, with Arjun Randhawa played by Punjabi actor Guri and Deep played by Punjabi actress Rukshaar Dhillon, both exuding profound on-screen chemistry. Jagjeet Sandhu's portrayal of Mouser Singh Brar is a testament to his acting prowess, embodying the complexities of his negative character with exceptional skill.

Watch Tufang on Chaupal and enjoy how the narrative in the film unfurls with the theft of a gun from the establishment of Guri and his venerable grandfather. As Guri embarks on the quest to catch the thief, he stumbles upon an unfortunate incident, conspiracy and suspense. Directed by Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan, this latest Punjabi movie has evocative dialogues and deft action sequences.

The focal point of this must-watch Punjabi movie orbits around Guri, Jagjeet, and Rukshaar, interweaving a powerful message against the misuse of weapons and a resolute stand for truth. Tufang movie sheds light on the plight of a naive individual trapped in a deceptive marital plot. Guri's character arc showcases a remarkable evolution in his acting - from a humble gun shop proprietor to a formidable force, he is a must-watch in this movie.

Rukshaar's portrayal of the strong-willed Deep Kaur is executed with finesse, resonating with authenticity as an upcoming Punjabi actress. Jagjeet Sandhu’s performance as Mouser Singh Brar is a commendable display of versatility, affirming his ability to play different roles easily. Mahabir Bhullar's portrayal of Guri's cinematic grandfather is imbued with depth, contributing significantly to the film's narrative.

Tufang - The Perfect Action Thriller

Tufang is the perfect action movie for all action lovers. The action sequences are riveting with Karanveer Khullar and Arsh Hundal delivering memorable performances in their negative parts.

Amidst the thrill and action, the film offers moments of respite with touches of romance and humour, creating a well-rounded viewing experience. Watch "Tufang", exclusively streaming on the Chaupal app.