Medal - Watch Jayy Randhawa's biggest blockbuster on Chaupal

  • Cast : Jayy Randhawa, Baani Sandhu, Pardeep Singh Rawat, Hobby Dhaliwal
  • Director : Maneesh Bhatt
  • Writers : Jassi Lohka

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"Medal" Makes a Glorious Entry onto Chaupal OTT: A Story of Passion and Resilience


In the vibrant and colourful world of Punjabi Films, a cinematic masterpiece, a game-changing action-packed movie - "Medal" is now streaming on Chaupal.

Medal starring Jayy Randhawa, is a captivating tale of determination and triumph. This Punjabi movie has left an indelible mark on the audiences, and now, it's all set to grace the screens of Chaupal OTT, the biggest Punjabi OTT platform that is bringing an exceptional entertainment experience to its viewers.

Directed by the talented Maneesh Bhatt, this Punjabi movie, released on June 2, 2023, shows a poignant journey that centres around the dreams of Rajvir Singh, portrayed impeccably by Jayy Randhawa. Rajvir, a young and aspiring athlete, harbours a burning desire to win a gold medal in racing. However, fate takes him on an unexpected detour when a tragic accident robs him of his hearing, threatening to shatter his dreams. The narrative unfolds as Rajvir embarks on a rough journey filled with trials and tribulations that test his willpower and unyielding determination to fight back all odds.

At the core of this Punjabi movie, "Medal" is an enticing blend of action, drama, and romance, along with a symphony of emotions that strikes a chord with audiences on multiple levels. Written with finesse by the gifted writer Jassi Lokha, the movie elevates storytelling to new heights, resonating deeply with viewers. While the film's primary focus is on the world of sports and the hurdles Rajvir faces, the infusion of romance adds an extra layer of allure, making the narrative all the more engaging and relatable - a perfect Hit Punjabi Movie.

The lead performances in "Medal" are a testament to Punjabi cinema's growing young talent. Jayy Randhawa's portrayal of Rajvir is nothing short of mesmerizing, capturing the essence of his struggles and aspirations with remarkable finesse. Alongside him, Baani Sandhu adds a touch of charm and depth to the narrative, their chemistry sizzling on screen.

However, it's not just the lead cast Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu that shines; the ensemble of actors in "Medal" is a fine lineup of talent that lights up the screen in this Punjabi movie. With names like Pradeep Rawat, Hobby Dhaliwal, Jag Singh, Davvy Singh, Anita Meet, Gurman Sandhu, and others, the Punjabi film is full of brilliant performances that enhance its impact, creating a cinematic experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

"Medal" has wowed the audiences in theatres, garnering an excellent response and setting the box office ablaze and now Chaupal brings this exciting Punjabi movie as a spectacular gift to its viewers. Medal was by far Jayy Randhawa's most acclaimed movie. To name a few, the talented actor has also done some fabulous films in the past, like Chobbar (2022), Teeja Punjab (2021), and Shooter (2022). The actor, also a renowned Punjabi singer, has seen a successful career as both- a Punjabi musician and a Punjabi actor. Jayy Randhawa has immense popularity among the Punjabi masses, especially the youth at the beginning of his career.

Jayy Randhawa's "Medal" stands tall as a beacon of excellence, captivating hearts and minds alike. Its journey from the silver screen to the digital domain on Chaupal OTT is a testament to this Punjabi movie's enduring impact and its ability to touch the audience. It also shows Chaupal's commitment to providing its viewers with the best of entertainment.