Watch Neeru Bajwa and Tarsem jassar starrer Movie Maa Da Ladla

  • Cast : Tarsem Jassar, Neeru Bajwa, Roopi Gill, Nirmal Rishi
  • Director : Uday Pratap Singh
  • Writers : Jagdeep Warring

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"Maa Da Laadla," under the masterful direction of Uday Pratap Singh, is an absolute riot of laughter from start to finish!


In the spotlight, we have the sensational Tarsem Jassar, portraying the character of 'Gora,' a struggling actor, and the incomparable Neeru Bajwa, gracing the screen as 'Sehaj,' a single mother navigating life's challenges with unwavering strength and love for her son, Kevin.

And who could forget the comedic brilliance of Nirmal Rishi and Iftikhar Thakur? Their on-screen chemistry is so electrically hilarious that just the mention of their names is enough to send audiences into fits of laughter!

The story begins when Sehaj requests Gora to pose as Kevin's father to demonstrate to him that fathers are not always reliable, hoping to find peace in their relationship.

Eventually, the movie takes a comical turn as Tarsem finds himself trapped in a whirlwind of lies. With his grandmother and friends creating immense nuance in this witty drama, he finds himself entangled with Binder, played by Roopi Gill.

The Punjabi movie also touches on the essence of raising children while exploring emotional bonds. The movie suggests that the importance of biological family ties can be overshadowed by the strength of genuine emotional connections formed through shared experiences.

"Maa da Ladla" marks the second movie where Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa have been cast together, following their appearance in "Uda Aida." The duo has brought the movie to absolute hilarity while carefully touching on sensitive topics. Their acting alone adds grace to this blockbuster movie.

The movie authentically portrays Punjabi culture in the upbringing of children and the heart of parenthood as a tough journey. It's cinematic perfection, teaching the importance of emotional bonds and preaching the mantra "zindagi ikko hi hai" (life is just one). YOLO!
The rhythmic beats of the tune "Maa Da Ladla" itself keep the audience engaged with the plot.

With "Maa da Ladla," brace yourself for a belly-aching, side-splitting adventure that will leave you gasping for breath with its uproarious antics. Get ready to hold onto your stomach as you laugh uncontrollably at every scene, experiencing a rollercoaster of hilarity that will have you begging for more!

To indulge in this play, catch "MAA DA LADLA" now on Chaupal!