Watch Neeru Bajwa starrer Kali Jotta Movie- a heartfelt story of love, loss and life

  • Cast : Satinder Sartaaj, Neeru Bajwa, Wamiqa Gabbi, Prince Kanwaljit Singh
  • Director : Vijay Kumar Arora
  • Writers : Harinder Kaur

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Watch 'Kali Jotta,' a film that weaves together strength, friendship, and Unfiltered Truths of society


The Punjabi movie "Kali Jotta has an intriguing narrative where the plot takes an unexpected turn when the happy-go-lucky character of Neeru Bajwa - Rabiya secures a government position as a primary school teacher where she faces extreme harassment at the hands of her male colleagues. The movie is set in the 80's & 90's when such incidents were not taken up legally or, in fact, parents were ignorant about them. So nothing is done, and Rabiya just disappears, and everyone forgets about her like she never existed.

In contrast to the women of 80's and 90's i.e Neeru Bajwa's character is the women of today i.e Anant, the character of Wamiqa Gabbi. She is Neeru Bajwa's student and is a lawyer by profession. She questions the wrong and looks out for her childhood teacher.

Both the Punjabi actresses have done outstanding acting. Wamiqa brings depth to the story by skillfully handling her teacher Rabiya's unique case.

You should definitely watch Kali Jotta if you have not watched it as yet - this Punjabi movie is a poignant saga of friendship, timeless love, heartbreak, and society's unfiltered candor. Kali Jotta is streaming on Chaupal, and back when it debuted on Chaupal OTT on April 13 it was loved so much that it swiftly shattering viewership records mere hours after its release. The film fearlessly explores diverse genres, showcasing exceptional acting and a compelling storyline despite its unconventional themes.

While promoting the movie, a widely circulated image of Neeru Bajwa gripping a pillow with the utmost intensity - captivated the attention of many. The picture reflects her character's deep sadness, capturing the essence of her performance and the outstanding acting that defines the movie. Not only Neeru Bajwa's character but "Kali Jotta" delves into the emotional journey of all three prominent characters—Neeru Bajwa, Satinder Sartaj, and Wamiqa Gabbi—revealing hidden realities often overlooked in societal discourse. Addressing the prevalent issue of mental harassment faced by many women, the film serves as a compelling narrative urging reflection and dialogue.

So, Kali Jotta" is a must-watch, exclusively available on Chaupal. Dive into this Punjabi film that goes beyond the usual, exploring life's complexities nuancedly.