Watch Anmol Dhaliwal and Surinder Kaur starrer movie Jaspal

  • Cast : Anmol Dhaliwal, Surinder Kaur, Preet Bhullar, Inder Bajwa
  • Director : Narinderpal Singh Chandok
  • Writers : Narinderpal Singh Chandok

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Jaspal - The Story of Brothers in the World of Crime


"Jaspal" is a crime thriller Punjabi movie showcasing the life of two brothers, Jaspal and Vicky, as they navigate through the challenges of life and their ambitions to achieve more. Indulged in the world of drugs and guns, the brothers find themselves entrapped in a chase with the police. It debuts Anmol Dhaliwal as Jaspal, who is in love and wants to settle with his girlfriend, whereas Vicky, played by Preet Bhullar, dreams of going to Canada. The brothers, under the guise of being phone sellers, run illegal activity. Their dreams come crashing when they are framed for a murder they did not commit. The Chandigarh chief of police has them under the radar, ensuing a battle for the brothers where they must clear their names to live their dreams.

The movie carefully shows the interrelationship, bonds, and dreams amidst criminal activity, portraying the youth of today vividly. Written and directed by Narinderpal Singh Chandok, the famous French documentary director who has directed more than 40 documentaries on various topics, "Jaspal" features as his first motion picture. It takes you to the beautiful landscape of Chandigarh and the buzzing life and crime of the city beautiful. We also see Inder Bajwa in the role of Sanjay as the Chandigarh police chief. Inder Bajwa, the model who was Mr. India 2010, has worked with various international magazines and is known for his roles in movies like "White Punjab," "Munda Faridkotia," and "Saadey CM Saab." His acting is peak versatility and portrays the role of villain perfectly. One can feel the throbs of thrill throughout the film.

In this saga of run and chase, Jaspal is entangled to make a choice that would affect his life and his brothers. Can he let go of his dreams, or will he be able to find a loophole for his escape?

Exciting, intense, and full of surprises, "Jaspal" is a movie you shouldn't miss. It's a Punjabi crime story that will keep you hooked from start to finish. With great acting, stunning visuals, and a gripping plot, you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time. Join Jaspal and Vicky as they try to clear their names and follow their dreams. You can watch "Jaspal" on the Chaupal app and get ready for a thrilling adventure through the streets of Chandigarh!