Hawa - Watch First Punjabi Horror-comedy Movie on Chaupal

  • Cast : Gurjazz, Hasheen chauhan, Honey Mattu
  • Director : Paramjit
  • Writers : Ajay Kumar

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Exciting News: Punjab's First Horror-Comedy 'Hawa' Arrives on Chaupal!


Chaupal, your go-to destination for all the latest Punjabi movies and diverse movie genres, is set to delight viewers with a unique addition to its kitty - the Punjabi Movie Hawa. While Punjabi entertainment typically explores romance, family drama, and comedy, the horror genre remains relatively uncharted territory. With its latest release Hawa, Chaupal has revolutionized this aspect by seamlessly blending the rarely-explored horror element with the beloved comedy genre.

Hawa is the perfect fusion of horror and comedy as it promises a cinematic experience, combining the spine-tingling chills of horror with the uproarious laughter of humour. This innovative fusion is bound to create an entertainment explosion in this Punjabi movie, making it an interesting watch for all our viewers.

Watch this latest Punjabi movie Hawa on Chaupal as it balances horror with humour skillfully. Hawa employs humour to offset the intensity of its horror themes, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. This delicate balance between fright and fun is expertly crafted to captivate all Punjabi movie lovers from start to finish.

Building on the success of Bollywood masterpieces like 'Bhool Bhulaiya', 'Stree', and 'Roohi', 'Hawa' introduces Pollywood's very first venture into the horror-comedy genre. Starring Gurjazz, Hashneen Chauhan, and Honey Mattu, this talented trio is poised to lead audiences on a journey that promises both scares and give fits of laughter.

Hawa movie is set against the picturesque landscape of the UK, 'Hawa' follows the escapades of two unemployed men, Raja (Gurjaaz) and J.J (Honey Mattu), who seek solace in the countryside to save on rent money. Little do they know, their new home harbours ghostly encounters of the most amusing kind. Mahi (Hashneen), Raja's love interest, joins them on this unforgettable roller-coaster ride.

Hawa is the perfect fusion of horror and comedy as it promises a cinematic experience.

Produced by Chaupal Studios, 'Hawa' promises an unparalleled viewing experience combining horror and comedy. Don't miss out on this groundbreaking release, available for streaming only on the Chaupal app. Get ready for an adventure that will leave you both spooked and in stitches.

With 'Hawa', Chaupal is set to redefine entertainment by introducing Punjab to its first-ever horror-comedy experience. Mark your calendars and brace yourself for an explosion of both screams and laughs!

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