Content Redressal Mechanism as per the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021

About Content-Related Grievances:

If you have any grievances related to the content available in India, such as classification of content, age rating of the content, parental control features, and or any specific portion of content that you have reasons to believe is in breach of the Code of Ethics provided under Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, please write to our Grievance Officer. Receipt of the complaint will be auto-acknowledged by us.

Details of Our Grievance Officer:

Grievance Officer : Ajayvir Singh
E-mail ID :
Address : Plot No. 161, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Chandigarh-160002 (India)

Your complaint should be in the following format:

Name of the complainant:
E-mail address of the complainant:
User log-in-ID of the complainant:
Title of the Content:
Category of the complaint – (Classification of content, Age rating of the content, and/or Content related):
Short summary of the complaint:
If applicable, please specify the timestamps for the content (in respect of which this complaint is being filed) in the following format: XX Minute - XX Minute.
What relief is being requested:


  1. All complaints shall be received in the aforesaid format.
  2. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged by us.
  3. The complaint will be duly reviewed and verified by our Grievance Officer and shall be addressed at the earliest, however, not later than 15 (fifteen) days from the receipt of the complaint.
  4. Chaupal is a member of the Self-Regulating Body Digital Publisher Content Grievance Council.

Do note - In the absence of complete information/details in the complaint, we will not be able to address any issues you may raise. You would need to respond within 72 hours of our request in case additional details/information are required to act on your claim, failing which the grievance will be dismissed. The prescribed timeline of 15 days will commence from the date of complete details/information received on the correct e-mail ID.

Compliance Report:

Our compliance report for the previous month is available here.

Compliance Report Of

  1. January

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