Frequently asked questions

What is Chaupal?

Chaupal is known as the top multi-regional streaming platform worldwide. It offers a wide range of movies, web series, and music that you can access from anywhere on any device. It's all about "Entertainment Beyond Boundaries," with content available in Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri languages.

How do I subscribe to Chaupal services?

To subscribe to Chaupal services, you can follow these steps:
1)Go to the Chaupal website or download the app from your device’s app store or play store.
2)Sign up using your email or phone number.
3)Find the subscription section after logging in.
4)Pick a plan that works for you.
5)Enter your payment info and finish signing up.
6)Now, you can access Chaupal’s wide range of movies, web series, and music on any device

Can we customize language preferences in the app?

Yes, the users can change their language preferences in Hindi, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri by following these steps:
1. Click on your profile icon located in the top right corner.
2. Choose 'Manage Profile' from the dropdown menu.
3. Pick the profile you wish to adjust the language for.
4. Find the 'App Language' option and click on it.
5. A dropdown menu will show up for selecting your preferred language.
6. Choose your desired language from the list.
7. Scroll down and hit 'save' to confirm your selection.
8. Click 'done' to finish the process.
9. Your language preference is now updated.

Are subtitles available for the movies and shows?

Yes, subtitles are available for both movies and shows.

Can we download movies/ series on Chaupal?

Yes, you can download the movies or shows and watch them offline in the mobile app.

In what countries is Chaupal availble?

Chaupal Ott is accessible for streaming in 244 countries worldwide, making it available to viewers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Fiji, Mauritius, and across the European Union, excluding France and China.

What devices are supported by Chaupal app?

Chaupal OTT can be accessed on a variety of devices including smartphones, PCs, laptops, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV (India), LG TV (worldwide), Mi TV, and Roku TV. For smartphones, please ensure that your device runs Android version 4.4 or higher, or iOS version 10.0 or higher. If you're using Android TV, make sure the version is not less than Android 7.1.

What payment methods are accepted for subscriptions?

Users can pay for their subscription plans via Google Pay, UPI, Paytm, and credit card, or can reach out for assistance on the customer care number at +91 9779773084

How can i change my plan on Chaupal?

Sure, here are the steps:
1. Click on your profile icon.
2. Select the "Account" section from the dropdown menu.
3. Here, you can manage or change your subscription plan as needed.

What can I watch on Chaupal?

Chaupal provides a diverse range of entertainment options, including movies, shows, series, short movies and original shows. It offers extensive coverage of Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri content, catering to a wide audience with varied preferences.

What customer support options are available?

We're here to help you! You can reach out to our customer support team by giving us a call at +91 9779774038 or sending us a message via WhatsApp.

How to upgrade your Current Plan?

If you want to upgrade to the next plan, you can do this by visiting the given link https://chaupal.tv/settings

Can I share my account with family and friends?

If you face any issue while doing this, contact our team on WhatsApp/call on +91-9779771448, +91-9779773084.

Is Chaupal available on Roku TV?

Yes, Chaupal is available on Roku TV.

How to change my password?

if you want to change password of your Chaupal account and set a new one, here is the link https://chaupal.tv/forgot-password which will help you set a new password.

Can I stream on multiple devices?

Yes, you can stream on multiple devices simultaneously depending on the choice of subscription plan.

Can I access Chaupal services through web browsers?

Yes, you can access Chaupal through your Web browsers.